Ajay Jivan, Phd, 2017

The day I handed-in my final Phd thesis at 12:12pm… 

WBS holds many dear memories for me. There were many days of toil, tentativeness, and tenacious rigour; along with little tests and triumphs as I found my way through my PhD journey. There were the different architectures with many learning and sensorial spaces to hear, consider, meditate and gravitate.

Not forgetting the cafeteria space where good coffee could be found! The attached picture of the clock in the cafeteria was taken on the day I handed in my final Phd thesis to faculty. 12:12pm, I looked around once more as I sipped my coffee.

WBS will always be a special space for me. It set me on a new journey … exploring the ‘architectures’, spaces and ‘ecosystems’ of leadership development in SA.

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