WBS Memory Wall

Melinda van den Berg, MAP, EDP & PDBA, 1980

Five WBS qualifications are more powerful than one.

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Tracy Rushton, PDM HR, 1988-1989

We were the first class to complete this course part-time. A real challenge and motivated me to become a life long learner.

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Takeshi Kimura

There is no doubt that applying to business school can be a very stressful undertaking. However, even after my graduation more than ten years ago, I can say Wits Business School was a great fit and special for me with quality time spent.

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Mathew Allan, PDM & MBA, 2013-2018

My abiding memories of Wits Business School were late nights, early mornings, the tough task of managing syndicates as well as the balancing of family, …

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Linda Adams, MBA, 1992

Class Reunion on our Graduation Date – 24 years later, and we’re still as young as ever and absolutely fabulous people serving the economy proudly …

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Boas Chauke, MAP 2015, MBA 2016-2017

Years to be remembered!

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