Thanusha Govender

Thanusha Govender

Current title
Group Head of Corporate Strategic Planning & Strategy, Absa Group Limited

Course at Wits Business School
International Executive Leadership Programme, 2014 Master of Management in Entrepreneurship & New Venture Creation, 2016

A defining moment in my career
During the summer of 2003, a lifelong dream materialised that resulted in an inspired trip to Paris, which put into motion a plan that would forever shape my career path.

I was a young process engineer, six months post-graduation and working for a leading global paper manufacturing company. Soaking up the Parisian culture and while walking down the Champs Elysees, I caught myself being mesmerised by a massive sign of Accenture, signage that was bigger than some of the French’s most historic luxury brands.

I made a decision in that moment to leave my technical engineering career in my rear-view mirror and become a global management consultant working for Accenture.

Stemming from that serendipitous moment in Paris was the continuous spirit to challenge myself and an insatiable need to learn and grow. This has resulted in me gaining a rich, diverse career exposure and has enabled me to craft my unique value proposition of being a cross-functional and cross-industry specialist, providing me with the platform to re-invent myself several times over in my career tenure.

This springboard has benefited the organisations I have helped lead, to the extent that I have been instrumental in influencing transformational change and strategic renewal in global organisations.

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