Aimee Thomas, PDM, 2014

During my time at WBS, I met incredible people and learnt the power of collaboration. These people included my peers; lecturers; administrators; class coordinators; and ground staff who all took such pride in the institution. This is a learning institute that I could feel was genuinely passionate about learning and growth, regardless of the student’s background.

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In fact, the PDM really celebrates diversity which meant our class was made up of an amalgamation of scientific, mathematical and artistic minds which always made for interesting class discussion. During my PDM year we were required to take on a two month internship and I completed mine at Investec. This internship gave me the opportunity network and apply skills that I had learned during the year at WBS. I am now celebrating my third year of being employed at Investec this year as I became a permanent employee in 2015 after graduating from WBS at the end of 2014. I owe a lot of my career success to the opportunities afforded to me by WBS.

I have and will continue to recommend the Wits Business School to many. I will always treasure the time I spent at the business school and I will not hesitate to enroll again as soon as the studying bug bites again.

I appreciate how WBS keeps the alumni plugged in by hosting interesting presentations and interactions with accomplished people who are making their mark on the country. WBS can celebrate 50 years of bringing out the best in people and my hope is that the institution continues to grow from strength to strength.

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