Christin Mueller

Christin Mueller

Current title
Director: People Development, Scout24

Course at Wits Business School
Master of Business Administration, 2006

A defining moment in my career
After coming back from South Africa to Germany I started my career at Mercedes. I had the great opportunity to work for a well-known company and brand. I made a corporate career by going through different projects, functions and divisions. But after some years I had doubts that the corporate career path was the right one for me. 

I reflected on what I wanted from life and defined my BIG FIVE, the five most important things for me. Last year I answered the phone and received an offer to take over the responsibility of building up people development on a greenfield at a fast-growing innovative tech company.

This was my chance to fulfil some of my big fives and therewith come closer to my personal goals in life. Even if it threatened me to leave a safe and good working environment at Mercedes, I left to move ahead towards the unknown adventure.

Today, one year later, I can state that it was the best decision of my career. This characterises success for me nowadays. I live my dream, independent of a corporate career path. I have found my own path, one that makes me much happier.

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