Thando Ntsinde

Current title
Account Manager, Edelman South Africa

Course at Wits Business School
Women in Leadership, 2017

A defining moment in my career
The day I gave birth to my son, who is five years old now, was the day my career focus changed. That day I realised that I not only need to talk the talk but also walk it in order to be the example that I want my son to follow. 

I became more conscious of the impression I made on people and genuinely cared more about how I impacted their lives. I had to have a positive impact. Being a mother has made me appreciate more who I am. I am not just a career woman. I am a mother, someone’s daughter and sister, someone’s friend, and a human being.

I learned a lot about my work ethic, commitment to corporate culture, and what it means to be a good employee, all from being a mother. I would never change this for the world. The Women in Leadership course at WBS furthermore gave me the tools to be empowered enough to be this new woman with its many dimensions. 

Appreciation for all that I am, including my career, and all that I have been through, is now a constant mantra which motivates me every day to continue to be the best person I can be.

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