Thomas Lewis MBA, 1971-1972

Sincere congratulations to the WBS on its 50th anniversary. I was a member of the 1971/72 class. It was a small class, probably 15 or so. 

This meant that we had quite a lot of personal attention. We were put through our paces, but learnt a lot and there’s no doubt that the experience and the qualification set us up extremely well for our careers to follow. Certainly I can say that about myself.

 I think back very fondly to those couple of years. And it is very gratifying to see that the school has developed so impressively in the years since then.

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  1. Martin Furman

    I too was part of the 1971/1972 class
    I echo Tom Lewis’s remarks, those 2 years were very critical to my professional career

    Martin Furman

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