Uri Marks, PDM 1996, MBA 2004

Most people will think back on their days at WBS and will reminisce about the stimulating academic challenges and the inspiring interesting social interactions. Many alumni will enthusiastically tell tales of subsequent business and personal success. But I would like to recall a life lesson, instilled in us during a 1996 PDM class.

Margie Sutherland implored us to keep the following in mind: WBS and our professional careers are not the be-all and end-all of who we are and how we interact with the world.

Margie reminded us that we are citizens of the world, and we must always act with dignity, care and appreciation for the people around us. She asked us to acknowledge the staff who keep WBS running, the staff who clean the washrooms, sweep the floors and guard the gates. She asked us to just say ‘thank you’ each time we walked past a staff member cleaning the beautiful WBS campus.

In my day-to-day working career, Margie’s words ring loud and clear every single day. I make an effort, every day, to thank the cleaning staff at the bank where I work. 22 years later, her words have made a lasting impression. Those words impact my working days, in a way more powerful than any particular class.

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