Andrea Armstrong, PDM, 2013-14

I remember being so excited to receive an offer from the Wits Business School for the PDM 2013 – 2014. It felt so prestigious to attend classes at the Parktown campus, and the other students and I were eager to take in as much knowledge as possible, as quickly as possible. Most lecturers were fantastic – but there are always those that stand out more than others.

Rasoava Rijamampianina (Rija) was just the best! So much passion – everybody loved his classes. Sid Cohn, Thabo Mosala, David Zidel, Peter Christie and his waist coats. The knowledge gained and the relationships built have been invaluable in my personal and career development. I have always been proud to be a Wits graduate and plan to further my studies with WBS in the near future.

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