Nomusa Mazonde

Nomusa Mazonde

Current title
Post-Doctoral Fellow, Wits Business School

Course at Wits Business School
Doctor of Philosophy, 2016

A defining moment in my career
Passing my PhD and graduating was a defining and memorable moment for me. A great sense of accomplishment, it was both the ‘Mama, I did it’ feeling and the ‘coming of age’ feeling which came with the sudden realisation that I could do that and more. 

It was indescribable. Wits Business School had given me the edge and the drive to persevere and forge ahead no matter what. I had been sculpted by the master chiseller, Wits Business School. Suddenly, impossible became possible, no matter the circumstances.

Obviously all this was accompanied by sheer hard work, determination and many a sleepless night. The journey was not an easy one and was not meant to be either.

Meeting and conversing with wonderful women entrepreneurs was enlightening and made the journey that much more interesting and worth every sweat, tear and sleepless night. It is with thanks to the women entrepreneurs, my support structures, especially my supervisors, and my dearest mother that the mission was accomplished.

Completing the PhD was not just an end of an era, but the beginning of a journey of traversing the unknown, a journey of self-discovery holding the PhD as a torch.

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