Nozuko Mbalula

Nozuko Mbalula

Current title
Executive Director, Lesoba Difference

Course at Wits Business School
Women in Leadership, 2017

A defining moment in my career
My career-defining moments involved starting long processes with a payoff coming much later. One most important career-defining moment for me was when I realised the power of making the right choices and displaying my risk-taking characteristics. 

This led me to my next move of working for myself, although that has come with its own challenges, struggling through the constantly shifting sands, falling, bouncing back, refreshing, and reframing my goals. 

My career-defining moment was the catalyst of the woman I am today. Resilience, courage and grit have kept me going. I continue to seize opportunities when they present themselves. Along this journey, I have worked and studied with incredible people who have shaped and changed me to be a better leader.

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