Thabo Mokwele

Thabo Mokwele

Current title
Broadcaster / Marketing Practitioner; Director, Tbose Productions; Director, Bosa-Mmogo Holdings

Course at Wits Business School
Master of Management in the field of Strategic Marketing, 2018

A defining moment in my career
WB Yeats said, “Things fall apart, the centre cannot hold,” which holds a harsh lesson for me. I took my radio broadcasting talent for granted. Because it came so easily, I began not to pay it attention and focused on what others considered important. I had a change management consultancy that made me look important and took me away from the radio.

My greatest lesson in life is never to take for granted what comes to you naturally and with ease. Because that’s what you are called for. Since I made the microphone the centre again, all things fell into place. My master’s degree, the awards and accolades came as a result. Even my pursuit of a PhD will be achieved behind the microphone … brace yourself for the first Dr DJ in the world! God has given talent to you for a reason, use that talent but most of all multiply it.

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