Sikonathi Mantshantsha

Sikonathi Mantshantsha

Current title
Deputy Editor, Financial Mail; Investment Writer, Business Day

Course at Wits Business School
Management Advancement Programme, 2015

A defining moment in my career
Every day is a great opportunity to claw one back for the ordinary person in a corruption-infested South Africa that is making every one of us poorer. 

That day, in 2008, some employees at the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) called on me to expose the abuse of power by some of the executives there, and they really had nobody to turn to since the board was not interested, and the minister responsible for the IDC was not interested either. I realised I did not have a choice but to get involved and play my own role.

A few months later some of the implicated executives were no longer working there. I never looked back.

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