Zukiswa Kulu, NMP, 2012

I did the New Managers Programme from September to December 2012, and our communications lecturer was a guy called Ron.

At the end of the programme we were asked to give feedback on lecturers, and I rated Ron as the worst. But then In 2017 I was studying towards my Bsc Hons at Wits University and there was a gentleman who was invited as a guest to give us a motivational talk before we started with the research program.

The lecture was outstanding, and I realised that it was Ron from WBS! During his lectures at WBS he used to tell us to stop starting by saying ‘um’ before talking and that is what refreshed my memory. The experience taught me that it is not wise to judge a person based on a single interaction. I have finished my studies and throughout the year I used to reflect on his motivations when the going became tough.

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