Paul Ballen

Paul Ballen

Current title
Director, Paul’s Homemade Ice Cream

Course at Wits Business School
Postgraduate Diploma in Management, 2013

A defining moment in my career
The glow of the newly installed blue iridescent Paul’s Homemade Ice Cream logo on the opening of our first the store in The Zone, Rosebank, in December 2015, was a moment that brought with it an understanding of where my career was rapidly moving.

Looking back now, with the imminent opening of the business’ eighth store, I have perspective on how dramatically this business has grown and what meaning that has for me. There is now a public profile to the brand and a responsibility to maintain its standards of excellence. This requires cartons and bain maries to fill and cakes to make, the conception of recipes, meticulous attention to mixing and churning, and temperature control in making and transporting.

There are personal relationships to nurture and develop in the process of production and in marketing through social media and conventional advertising. Financial dimensions of the business must vigilantly be kept in check.

With a substantial amount of ice cream to produce and to market on an ongoing basis by a team of over 60 people, Paul’s Homemade Ice Cream has now become a brand that was first made in my kitchen at home and was sold in plastic containers with handwritten labels. The idea took form whilst a student at Wits Business School and my dream to become a successful entrepreneur has been realised in my career.

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