Jerard Scorgie

Jerard Scorgie

Current title
Director of Operations and Client Services: Sub-Saharan Africa, Centre for Creative Leadership

Course at Wits Business School
Management Advancement Programme, 2009
Post Graduate Diploma in Management, 2013
Master of Business Administration, 2014

A defining moment in my career
In February of 2014, I joined a small consulting organisation as a senior project manager, immediately after I had completed my MBA. The organisation was in a start-up phase, had been in existence for about 18 months and formed part of a global corporation with the aim of establishing regional offices around the globe.

When I joined, the organisation experienced challenges ranging from cash flow constraints, declining sales pipeline, compliance risks and exposure amongst others, as most start-ups do. My joining formed part of a broader strategy to revive the business, establish a market presence, grow the pipeline and institute operational efficiencies.

Within a couple of months, I assumed a new role as head of operations and client services and, together with the managing director, implemented a turnaround strategy.

The defining moment for me was not so much that we were able to turn the business around, but rather the ability to practically apply skills learned while studying. Having business acumen and skills is one thing, practically applying them and realising business shifts is a new experience altogether.

Today, my defining moments are derived from the impact that I am able to make on the lives and bottom lines of our customers. It’s about driving results that matter, not to me but for my customers.

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